TikTok initiates removal of Universal Music Publishing Group’s (UMPG) songs

TIk Tok

Following unsuccessful negotiations for license renewal, TikTok has implemented measures to mute videos featuring songs by artists affiliated with Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) after their licensing agreement expired on January 31. This policy expansion means TikTok must exclude any music involving UMPG songwriters, regardless of the main label, affecting a broader range of artists. Even if a UMPG-affiliated songwriter had minimal involvement in a song by another label, TikTok is required to remove it from the platform.

Despite UMPG’s claim of minimal impact on its revenue, these changes will adversely affect artists and songwriters, potentially depriving them of promotional opportunities on a platform known for music discovery. Moreover, artists face the risk of losing out on royalty earnings from the platform. While acknowledging these ramifications, UMG remains committed to negotiating a new agreement that provides equitable compensation for its artists.

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